National Parks

Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 12.27.36 PMSummer is right around the corner. Part of my summer plans include a trip to Yosemite National Park; we’re staying in the new airstream auto-park. Other than the Grand Canyon, it will be the only other National Park I’ve visited which got me thinking how much of the USA there is to explore. I searched our library for books about National Parks – you know, because that recent Jeopardy champion, James Holzhauer, says part of his strategy for success includes reading kids’ nonfiction books because children’s books are filled with “infographics, pictures and all kinds of stuff to keep the reader engaged.” And he’s right, I learned a ton about Yosemite in a short amount of time by reading some of the books we had sitting on our shelves. One book I would highly recommend for your collection is National Parks of the USA written by Kate Siber and beautifully illustrated by Chris Turnham. The book takes readers on a coast-to-coast journey through all of the national parks exploring plant and animal life as well as the spectacular and varied landscapes of the United States. Another title I’d offer as a recommendation is from the biography shelves: John Muir: America’s Naturalist by Thomas Locker.  I enjoyed reading about the founder of the Sierra Club and discovered much about this conservationist’s passion for nature and wildlife through excerpts from his own writings and accompanied by Locker’s stunning illustrations which capture the natural beauty of our country of which Muir was so fond. I put together a few freebies you may want including three bookmarks, a checklist/poster of America’s 61 National Parks, and a visual book menu of other suggested titles about these National Parks that double as national treasures. Download them all for free here. Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 12.13.04 PM

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