Found the idea for this brilliant gem on Twitter from @codenamejane this weekend. One of her fellow followers @HTPhilRobertson offered up his PowerPoint creation and I reworked it to feature books from my school’s library. Can’t wait to play on a loop and get kids talking even more about book recommendations. If you want my version of the PowerPoint click here for the link to download. Insane, right?

One thought on “BookFlix

  1. I ran this amazing powerpoint today on my TV in the library and my kids came in so excited! They thought Netflix had created a Bookflix! They were asking me all day if it was an app or how they can download Bookflix because it was BETTER than Netflix! Thank you so much for your creativity and expertise. You are a phenomenal educator and I am so glad I found you on Instagram because you have added a lot to my library. Most importantly, I appreciate that you so generously share a lot of your work. Some of these things you share must take hours and hours and you let our kids enjoy them. I am so thankful!


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