Novel in Disguise

IMG_4124I saw this clever idea on Kristiana Presley’s Instagram feed (@mrspresleyslibrary) and new it would draw lots of interest from students. You simply shred a novel (find a damaged one if you can’t bear to part with one), and place the shreds in a clear jar (I got a plastic one so that it would be better for kids to handle without fear of it shattering). Kids can search for key words and character names to help determine what novel is in the jar; the more students read, the better their chances of being able to spot something they recognize. If you have a pair of disguise glasses to slip on the jar, it adds to the appeal and interest. I have left this out for investigation for about a month and the kids have had fun taking guesses. I’m offering a gift certificate to our school’s book fair in January, but of course you could offer anything or nothing at all as a prize. Click here to download the sign and recording slips for student guesses. If you’re interested in downloading the gift certificates I used as prizes, click here andΒ here. Examine the shreds; can you guess which novel is in disguise?


6 thoughts on “Novel in Disguise

  1. Love this and using it in my elementary library! I can’t seem to find the guessing slip, guessing it is pretty cute so if it is available I would use it! Thank you SO much for sharing your awesome ideas πŸ™‚


  2. Love this idea so forged ahead! I made a mistake though……I didn’t put the book through the shredder on the bias so all words are pretty much cut up! It is not however stopping the kids though! Next book I will be sure to put through the shredder from side to side and not top to bottom πŸ™‚


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