Are You as Tall as…

IMG_3454In my new role as the school library media specialist, I’m trying to treat the library as the largest classroom in the school. And in doing so, I hope to create displays that incite inquiry and discovery. One recent display I added to the library is this “Are you as tall as…” set of posters that measures out the height or length of some well known animals stretching from the tiny six inch dormouse to the over nine foot male ostrich (my space didn’t allow for the 16 foot giraffe). Using black electrical tape, I marked the measurements along a ten foot tall cement block post. The kids didn’t need to be told this display was there. Once spotted by one classmate, they are soon joined by dozens of other classmates all anxious to compare their own height to that of the animals. The buzz of conversation that is created about animals is exciting and who knows where it may lead… perhaps over to the 500s to check out some books about a favorite animal or discovering more facts about lesser known animals. I want to share the cards with you here. Keep in mind that I used the measurements of mature males. Clearly there will be other measurements of these animals based on age and gender. I hope you can find a space for them in your school hallways, classrooms, cafeteria, or library. It’s a great provocation that gets kids thinking about measurement, the animal kingdom, and comparison. Enjoy!IMG_3343

4 thoughts on “Are You as Tall as…

  1. Did you create the book cover display in the background or find it somewhere? Love that too! Thanks for sharing such fun ideas for displays!


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