Reading Opens You to the World

photo 14
The Map Mural Before

Stephen King said, “Books are uniquely portable magic.”  A book has the ability to transport students – and adults – to faraway places – imaginary or of this world – and for just a brief time we can escape our own lives to walk in the shoes of others without ever leaving our chair. In our school library, we have a giant world map that I wanted to make relate to books – after all, we are in the library. I created a list of books set in countries around the world and made small prints of their covers to add to the map.

The Map In Progress

This not only serves as a decoration but as inspiration for book recommendations. I’m posting the set I came up with here for you to download and print. When you print the pdf, select multiple and then choose the number you want to print per page (I chose six per page to get the size you see in the photos). I thought it would even be cool to create a Passport that students could have stamped showing they had read one book set in each of the seven continents or if you wanted to be more specific, country by country or state by state. Encourage your children to read books that introduce them to new cultures and view life through different points of views. These are the little ways we can influence the future…

3 thoughts on “Reading Opens You to the World

  1. Hi there! I love your world map idea with all the book covers. I also love the size of the map you have. Can you tell who makes it or share the dimensions with me? I’m having a hard time finding a world map that big. Thank you!!


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